India's Breathtaking Landscapes to Look Out For

BANGALORE: Be it culture, religion, or nature, India is a divine land of diversity. Every part of India provides its own unique grandeur and majesty. The country can be termed as a photographer's paradise as it beholds beautiful golden deserts, dazzling beaches, lush green covers, mighty snow-covered mountains to colorful houses and amazing colorful people to capture through lenses. Read further to know the best places in India where eyes capture some of the breathtaking landscapes.

North-Eastern States: When it comes to natural beauty and enjoying nature's bliss to the core, Northern states of India tops every list.

The stunning landscapes consists of azure skies, snow-clad mountain peaks, Buddhist monasteries, marvelous natural scenic views with magnificent tea gardens, slanting sun rays, which are just breathtaking. Apart from the natural beauty, it has colorful mesmerizing traditions and beautiful art and crafts, which are amazingly picture-perfect.
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