India's Breathtaking Landscapes to Look Out For

West Bengal: From Sunderbans and traditional houses to modern skyscrapers, West Bengal has a beauty overall. The rural west Bengal has natural harmony with perfectly maintained traditional houses, surrounded by banana trees and ponds, the beauty is marvelous.

The boats laden with flowers at the dawn are amazing. The Himalayan city in West Bengal, Darjeeling has blessed by mother nature with bright red rhododendrons and glowing white magnolias, with hillsides covered with emerald green tea bushes at the background emerges you in riots of colors and beauty at its peak.

Kashmir:The crown of India is a truly a heaven. With glorious natural ambience and surrounding it beholds dense jungles with sky rocketing trees, valleys with pleasant streams and peaceful proud snow-clad mountains.

The gushing streams through green meadows are pleasure to the eyes. The crystal clear waters sparkles under the sun and the landscape beauty of its valleys are breathtaking and hovering clouds adds to the charm and enchanting.
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