India's Breathtaking Landscapes to Look Out For

Kerela: 'God's own Country' Kerala is well known for its scenic beauty. It is gifted with a carpet of lush greenery with still waters and on it scenic boat houses. The sunsets, the sunrises are perfect moments for the lenses.

The array of welcoming coconut trees, with that perfect light under the sun enchants you to the core and dawns peace of mind. The rain in Kerala adds to the stunning beauty along with the rain-drenched nature and surroundings, looking so pure and fresh; a perfect place to capture nature at its best.

Uttarakhand: The 'Devbhoomi' of India, Uttarakhand can truly be referred as a paradise on Earth. From being the land of God to the home of mighty Himalayas, it enchants everyone from various parts of the world.

Be it a snow-capped mountain or sun drenched land with fresh breath of nature and Ganga flowing in the state, the landscape is magical. The colorful tradition and religious importance of this state adds to the beauty. The northern hilly state is perfect destination for adventurous activities like river rafting, trekking, skiing; thus making it a perfect place to capture various emotions of nature and people as well.
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