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Major Festivals of God's Own Country, Kerala

Aluva Sivarathri festival

Aluva Sivarathri festival is celebrated at the Aluva Siva temple which is situated on the banks of Periyar River and this spot is called the Aluva Manal Puram (land with sand).Aluva Sivarathri held in every February-March during the Malayalam month of Kumbam during the Mahasivarathri. The remembrance of Lord Shiva who consumed the deadly Kalakoodam poison to save the world is the core subject of the celebrations.

Theyyam Festival

Theyyam is an artistic dance form where metaphysical belief and expressions of immortal souls are take off to a devotee through a mortal body. Theyyam originated from "Kaliyattam" once practiced by the tribal society of north Kerala. Theyyam had grown to the present appearance through many transfo Theyyam is an artistic dance form where metaphysical thoughts and expressions of immortal souls are impersonated to a believer through a mortal body.

Makaravilaku Festival

Makaravilakku is a Hindhu religious festival held on 14 January in Kerala at the shrine of Sabarimala. The festival includes the Thiruvabharanam (sacred ornaments of Ayyappan) procession and a congregation at the hill shrine of Sabarimala. An estimated half a million devotees flow to Sabarimala every year to have a darshan (vision) of this ritual.
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