Most beautiful places to See Sunrise in India

Vivekanand's Rock , Kanyakumari

The stunningly flawless perspective of rising Sun and viewing the sun climb in Kanyakumari is simply bliss. Nothing could potentially be more hopeful and dreamlike.

The delightful tips of 3 Oceans, the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean meet positively gives a lovely yet enduring sunrise in Kanyakumari. Essentially, the first lights that trip from the centre of the everlasting ocean, strikes on the mainstream holiday destination of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial is significance viewing. Irrefutably, the rocks are noted to be India's most delightful spot to watch the sun climb. With the lovely morning breeze kissing on your cheeks with a visual joy, a tourist hub in all viewpoints, especially for sunrise, Vivekanand's Rock first light is something you shouldn't miss.
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