Most beautiful places to See Sunrise in India

Taj Mahal, Agra

Thousands and thousands spectator magnetism, true wonder of the world, an extremely wonderful Taj Mahal is a representation of intimate romance. Raised by the Mughal Ruler Shah Jahan in a memory of his cherished wife, the monument unquestionably speaks volumes about love. The Symmetrical outlines, the most visited monument on the planet. The catacomb slides along cheerfully while the sun climbs.
Dreamlike for some and unreal for many, Taj Mahal is sparkling in the morning light.

The marble sparkles distinctively and is something that you won't discover it anyplace else in the entire world. At one point, when the first beams of the sun hit the cool marble of its veneer, the Taj glows at its very best where millions of Visitors hypnotized.
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