Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

Angel's landing Utah, USA
A trek to Angel's landing Utah is short trip, and people take it easily until the end of the hike.

But, the final part of this trek involves steep pathways with sheer drop-offs. Chains can be seen hooked to the cliff to help the trekkers get a grip while walking the trail.
It provides the mesmerizing views of Zion Canyon and though the trek is short it can be mentally tiring.
Angel's landing is situated in the center of Zion Canyon inside a horseshoe bend in the Virgin River. This trek provides you all ways of relaxation and moving further with water and snacks at several points.
Take ample time to track the last part of the trek, as many hikers fell to their death from Angel's Landing each year, so be cautious at the end and wait for a while till you get in the celebration mood to finish off the trek.
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1: awesome... hope get a chance to hike.
Posted by: aakash - 25 Jul, 2014