Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

El Caminito del Rey, El Chorro, Spain
Adventure loving souls love this place, as El Caminito del Rey provides everything a daring soul needs.

With spectacular views, this is one of the dangerous places to hike, though it's a short hike.
The walking trail is comprised of one-meter wide 'footpath', which is hooked to the gorge walls at 100 meters above the river flowing down.
The path is more than a decade old and has become dangerous to walk on as the concrete at various places have fallen off and with absence of handrails to support the walkers it is highly dangerous.
The walkway was completed in 1905 and got its name in 1921, in English is known as 'King's Little Pathway'. A safety rope has been put up there to help the walkers use the climbing latch.
Though the route is officially closed to the public, people still come here to test their courage. The state is reconstructing the path, but the route would still be the dangerous one to foray.
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1: awesome... hope get a chance to hike.
Posted by: aakash - 25 Jul, 2014