Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

Amarnath, Kashmir, India
Amarnath yatra (trip) is the most sough-after pilgrimage of the Hindus in India.

Thousands of people take this trek in the beautiful valley of Kashmir battling both man-made and natural disasters on the way.
Amarnath holy caves are situated in a narrow gorge at the farther end of the Lidder Valley and stands the site lies at an elevation of 4175 mt above sea level.
Though there are safe routes made out for the pilgrims, but due to the heavy snowfall, the trek becomes very difficult and under the chill and grill of the snow, it's impossible to go on further. While the other option of trekking through the Baltal route very risky and dangerous.
One of the toughest terrains and unpredictable weather conditions makes the trek difficult yet adventurous.
The other danger regarding the trek is that the people move both ways and is hardly enough to accommodate people in single go.
The trek goes a little more difficult, when it begins to rain and ground becomes slushy along with the bitter weather.Regardless of these difficulties, lakhs of people trek along in the name of god.
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1: awesome... hope get a chance to hike.
Posted by: aakash - 25 Jul, 2014