Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

BANGALORE: If you wonder the mysteries of nature and are daring enough to take the challenges of it , be prepared for the walk of your life.

Mountains with endless views, hanging clouds, steep swirling paths provide glorified pictures and this attracts people to climb up the heights shrugging off fears and uncertainties.

Playing in the virtual maze enthralls you and makes you ecstatic but when it comes to roaming in the actual trek, its sure is a daring act.
Check out the list of some of the most dangerous hikes in the world as compiled by MSN.

Hua Shan (Mount Hua),China:
One of China's Five Great Mountains, Hua Shan has a long history of religious significance.

Trek to this mountain meant pilgrims walking to the temples on the five spires of Mount Hua Shan. Now with the capability of giving out breath stopping adventure opportunity, the trek to the most dangerous mountain is seen as an extreme sport.
Though Climbing up is the dream as it gives you the view of the breathtaking stunning sceneries pleasing eyes and mind. The walk to the top is daring with wooden pathways hooked into the rocks.

One has to walk the plank trail, which is deadly with wooden boardwalk. Just a glimpse down will make you rethink about the walk.
Trekkers usually take the help of the iron chain clinging parallel to the wooden board.
At some point of the walk, the wooden planks are nowhere to be seen, but you have to hold on to small divots carved into the rock for walking further.
The treat for the daring act is a cup of fresh tea, which serves the brave-hearted trekkers while they relax with a majestic view atop the mountain.
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1: awesome... hope get a chance to hike.
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