Most impressive mosques in Bangalore

mosques in Bangalore
Khursid Alam Nadwi
One of the most impressive mosque of the city, the Haji Sir Ismail Sait Masjid also called Khursid Alam Nadwi is positioned in the suburban areas of Frazer town.

An uncomplicated exquisiteness of the mosque clasps thousands and thousands views.

The great philanthropist also a successful businessman Haji Sir Ismail Sait had built the mosque roughly 100 years ago, the earlier form of the mosque could accommodate only 300 namazis however as time overtakes the mosques had rebuilt in 1990 ,following a five long hysterically edifice, the mosque completed with 20,000 sq.ft and can accommodate 3000 worshippers at a time.

The fine etched glass labor and vaulted windows on its façade, its refurbish construction presents a pleasant outlook to the visitors where the interior adornment with an exclusive arch and conventional craftsmanship adjoin more prettiness to the royal mosque.

The impressive mosque and also considered the most jam-packed area during the Ramada, the Khursid Alam Nadwi mosque not only offers the place for namaz but also commence several activities, even an exclusive training in Islamic studies the Quran reading perform in the holy mosque.
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1: Please indicate how many mosques were built on top of deliberately destroyed temples. In many cases, the stones were reused.
Posted by: Irreligious humanitarian - 29 Jul, 2014