Most impressive mosques in Bangalore

mosques in Bangalore
One of most good-looking and considered one of the most enormous mosque in the city, placed in Millers Road Islamia, the Masjid-E-Khadria stands secure to the Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station.

An amazing holy place, housed inside the Quddus Eidgah Ground, the mosque was built in the year 1981 by Janab Mohammed Abdulla Basha.

An outlay more than Rs.12 crores, the mosque Masjid-e-Khadria was erected in the remembrance of an Industrialist and a philanthropist M.K.Mohammed Abdul Khader by his son.

The mosque is underneath construction yet performs more than a few activities. Among the activities the Haj camp is prominently conducted all over the mosque where the Masjid has been extended to enable the intending Hajis to execute prayers during the Haj season. The mosque conducted prayers five times in a day.
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1: Please indicate how many mosques were built on top of deliberately destroyed temples. In many cases, the stones were reused.
Posted by: Irreligious humanitarian - 29 Jul, 2014