Most Popular Beach Cities in the World

Cities with beaches are considered to be most romantic cities in the world and they are most sought after cities in the world for travelers across the world. So, if you are curious to know about the most popular beach cities in the world, here have a look at them, as reported on Yahoo Lifestyle website.

1.Barcelona, Spain:

This city can be considered as the world-class city with layers of architectural wonders, buzzing nightlife, tasty cuisine etc. The description of the city is not complete without the eight white-sand beaches that border its Mediterranean coastline. Barceloneta Beach is considered to be the most famous beach in the city. This beach had got a massive waterfront makeover for the 1992 Olympics. The other famous beaches include, Bogatell Beach, Mar Bella Beach, Ocata Beach, Caldetes beach etc.

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1: Where is the Brazil ( Rio de Janeiro) ? Is most popular that all this together , injust ! The Brazil never is included ! Where is the California too ? -.-
Posted by: Paralover - 21 Aug, 2013
2: Israel.. shocking to see it..

it doesnt say aout Boracay..maldives...cebu isldans..Miami.. Florida..birtish virgin islands..

israel.. haha.
Posted by: vikram - 24 Nov, 2012
3: its amagine
Posted by: shivani - 01 Oct, 2012
4: wow!!i want to see
Posted by: LIDHUVENIYA - 28 Jul, 2012