Most Popular Beach Cities in the World

2.Cape Town, South Africa:
cape town

Cape Town beaches can be considered as the awesome beaches you can come across in the entire world. The popular Clifton beaches are very much famous for the classy homes. The beaches in this city are range from isolated bays to long; you can also find open stretch sandy beaches. The choice is yours to select the best among them. If you are traveling shortly to Cape Town, don't miss the finest beaches across the city. The most famous beaches in this city are Sun Tan beach, Beach picnic, white sandy beaches, sheltered beaches etc.
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1: Where is the Brazil ( Rio de Janeiro) ? Is most popular that all this together , injust ! The Brazil never is included ! Where is the California too ? -.-
Posted by: Paralover - 21 Aug, 2013
2: Israel.. shocking to see it..

it doesnt say aout Boracay..maldives...cebu isldans..Miami.. Florida..birtish virgin islands..

israel.. haha.
Posted by: vikram - 24 Nov, 2012
3: its amagine
Posted by: shivani - 01 Oct, 2012
4: wow!!i want to see
Posted by: LIDHUVENIYA - 28 Jul, 2012