Most Romantic Private Island Getaways

6) Harbor Island
Location: Seattle


Harbor Islands in Seattle is one of the largest artificial islands in the world. Built in 1909 the island is built over a base of 24 million cubic yards of earth dredged from the Duwamish River. Stretching over 395 Acres of land, the island mostly consists of industries, ports, train stations and some sports stadiums.

7) Floating Island
Location: Mexico


The small island built in the eastern coast of Mexico on top of heaps of plastic bottles and boxes is designed by British Artist Richard Sowa. Richard says, "Floating islands can be all over the globe, on rivers, lakes and in protected oceans. They can provide sustainable habitats for plants, animals and humans, and can even be made on dry ground in potential flood areas such as Bangladesh."
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1: Images are good
Posted by: Avin - 15 Feb, 2013