Most Romantic Private Island Getaways

8) Matangi
Location: Fiji


Matangi is one of the most exotic islands located in the northern Fiji Islands. This beautiful horseshoe-shaped island has a resort named Matangi Island Resort, which is the only tree house resort in Fiji that is nestled in the jungle. Matangi Private Island Resort includes around 12 luxury villas along with seaside spa. Pristine white sand beaches surrounded with a lagoon of pure aquamarine makes Matangi an ideal place to spend your holiday. This outstanding tree house resort offer thrill and adventure at its best, which can make your romance ablaze. Matangi Island Resort is a privately owned resort in Fiji that offers unique experiences of nature, blend with water-based activities. Moreover, the major highlight of this scenic island is the Horseshoe Bay.
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1: Images are good
Posted by: Avin - 15 Feb, 2013