Most Romantic Private Island Getaways

2) Necker Island
Location: British Virgin Islands


No list of private islands is complete without including British Virgin Islands' Necker Island owned by Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group. In the year 1978 Branson bought United Kingdom's Necker Island that spans over 74 acre of outstanding landscape. Although this is his private island, there is also a small private resort. This private island is an ideal place for relax and rejuvenate as the island is surrounded by coral reefs and scenic beaches. Spending one night at this resort will cost you a cool amount of around $50,000.

But this Island caught media attention after the resort on the island caught fire caused by lightning. At the point there were 20 high profile guests staying at the resort including Branson's 90 year old mother who was rescued from the flames by the famous Hollywood actress Kate Winslet.
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1: Images are good
Posted by: Avin - 15 Feb, 2013