Most Romantic Private Island Getaways

3) Musha Cay
Location: Bahamas


Musha Cay is a privately owned island in Exuma Chain, in the southern Bahamas which is located 85 miles southeast of Nassau. This amazing island which is located amidst three smaller islands is owned by David Copperfield, a famous magician. Spread over 150 acres of beautiful landscape. Copperfield has converted Musha Cay into an exclusive getaway with staff strength of 30. This island has included 12 bedroom resorts which are given to one person at a time and it ensures a soothing atmosphere coupled with complete privacy to the visitors. The architect behind this marvelous island is Howard Holtzman. Staying at this island you can call celebrities like Nicolas Cage and Eddie Murphy your neighbors who stay in islands close by.
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1: Images are good
Posted by: Avin - 15 Feb, 2013