Most Visited Historical Monuments in Mumbai

Historical Monuments in Bangalore
Flora Fountain
The tourist most fascinated blemish the Flora Fountain also known as Hutatma Chowk or the martyr’s square was devoted to the Governor of Mumbai, Sir Bartle Frere of Mumbai is located in the Fort district on Veer Nariman Road, south Mumbai.

Named subsequent to the Roman Goddess Flora, the Goddess of prosperity and beauty, the Flora Fountain of 1869 is an extravagant figurine of white marble which is burnish at night. The fountain was premeditated by R. Norman Shaw and sculpted in imported Portland stone of white marble by James Forsythe at forty seven thousand rupees.

The Flora Fountain is effortlessly reachable by bus, train or car. The Hutatma Chowk square or Flora Fountain is surrounded by buildings created during the British Raj; the outstanding spot of Flora Fountain is overflowing by the tourist throughout the year.
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