Most Visited Historical Monuments in Mumbai

Historical Monuments in Mumbai
Horniman Circle
Among the top Historical places in Mumbai, unquestionably the pre-independence eras the Horniman Circle Gardens stand conceitedly in the city.

The favored interaction of the Parsi community, considered one of the most self-motivated metropolitan intends resolution in Mumbai, Horniman Circle Gardens has numerous work of fiction from the British royal epoch.

Pertaining to the olden times, this backyard was legendarily known as 'Bombay Green' in the 18th century, subsequently it renamed after Benjamin Horniman in 1947.

Considered as the largest parks in southern Mumbai, envelop over 12,081 square yards (10,101 m2) the circle garden was designed with an enormous unlock space with grand buildings.

The tourist hotspot place, The Horniman Circle Garden hosted the Sufi mystic music festival also known as "Ruhaniyat" every year, the place is measured one of the main spot for a variety of dance concerts even Kala Ghoda Arts Festival of Mumbai occurs here.
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