Most Wonderful Sightseeing Places in Northeast India

Sightseeing Places in Northeast
The diverse tribal, culture land of festivals, the home of the customary event of The Hornbill festival, the stunning natural beauty and great cultural traditions, Nagaland can proffer a rich fare to tourists.

Considered one of the respected goals in North east, essentially new to tourism, the firm ground of different 18 real tribes, Nagaland cuts up its edge with Myanmar, The Naga's of Nagaland are interested, calm, easy and always a magnet for guests.

Among the most magnificent touring places in Northeast Nagaland, the Mon region of Nagaland is known as home to Konyak Naga's, customary towns and tattooed warriors. Its charming touring alongside the wild woods, the real sightseeing spots of Mon locale is angling, scull shows, wood cutting and flying creature viewing. Nagaland is one of alluring bumpy objectives with a magnificent greenery view where the area offers boundless conceivable outcomes for investigating its rich subtropical rainforests which truth be told a fortune trove of medicinal plants.
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