Most Wonderful Sightseeing Places in Shimla

Places in Shimla
Glenn Well thought-out as a popular spot additionally, considered as the great touring spots of Shimla, Glenn is found at a rise of 1830 meters. Thickly lush woodland encompassed by the large amounts of greenery, predominantly covered by pine and deodar trees is placed approximately 4 kilometers from the centre of Shimla.

The Chadwick fall courses through the spot where voyagers take excite in scrubbing down. The thick blanket of the deodar trees makes this place a quiet and peaceful area. The area that used to be known as the play area of Shimla of dashing, cricket and polo, known as the adventure lovers and nature admirers, Glenn is an extreme stopover. The spot is known as the explorers pamper in contemplation or introspection in the close comfort of nature.
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