Rail Journeys in India with Outstanding Panoramic Views

Grasping the beauty of mother earth sitting in a moving train is simply marvelous; the usual boredom and tiredness can be wiped out with a single glance outside the window. Off course, train journeys all across the country doesn't give you this unique experience, but there are some rail journeys, during which you hold on to your seat and pray for a never-ending trip!

Vasco Da Gama to Londa

Even if you don't have a particular destination in your mind, even if you are not going for a vacation, the journey from Vasco Da Gama to Londa alone is a treat. The pleasure of sitting inside a train and coming close to jungles, waterfalls and mountains is an everlasting experience! The Dudhsagar Falls, with milky white water falling from great heights, creating mist all around is one of the most picturesque scenes.
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