The Oldest Temple in India

From the very beginning, the Indian civilization is eminent for its religious and its cultural heritage. The evolution crossed roughly 4, 500 years where the prior civilization had left its force on each solitary gear be it on live or the humanity. In India one believed that the proposal of possess a temple has been generated since the Indus valley Civilization or Mohenja Daro and Harappa came into being and then shift to the Buddhist Influence, Hindu Temples, Islamic influence and then Mughal empire where the deliberation of a temple is still remains.

A Temples is an arrangement which kept discretely for holy sacred actions like prayers, surrender and a lot more. As time overtakes, the most amazing and enduring achievement of Indian civilization is its undeniable architecture that smudge in its oldest temples. Today, UNESCO had cataloged 830 World Heritage Sites from different parts of the globe where India holds 26 World Heritage Sites from UNESCO.

Mundeshwari Temple
Mundeshwari Temple : Among the oldest holy places in India, the oldest Hindu temple for the Lord Shiva and Shakti worshipper's the "Mundeshwari Temple" stands serenely 608 feet in the Kaimur District on the Mundeshwari Hills of Bihar. The temple is considered the oldest performing holy place of world.

According to the information that has been collected from researched, rigid by the Archaeological Survey of India, the temple is built on 108 AD but in several levels, the temple regard as earlier to Gupta Dynasty rule. The temple built by stones with carved images of Yamuna, Dvarapalas, Ganga and many other goddess features. Its octagonal diagram is exceptional where it assumed as Nagara style of temple structural design. The designed had carefully looked into doors or porthole on four elevation and minute slot for the greeting figurine on walls. The interior is filled with niches and brave moldings that imprinted with jug and flora diagram. Since 1915, the temple is managed beneath the Administrator of the Bihar Trust Board where as the temple some way cracked as of too aged.
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1: Wow, unbelievable. All this history and very few of us know. Not talked about in many circles. Hopefully I will visit each one of them in my lifetime as a respect to our people past who left these for us.
These mighty structures have stood the test of times but hoping have not been neglected by the past few generations.
Posted by: Chandan - 30 Jun, 2014