The Oldest Temple in India

Brihadeeswarar Temple
Brihadeeswarar Temple : The UNESCO World Heritage Sites the Brihadeeswarar Temple is an extraordinary temple lies in the Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. The Hindu temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva is an unparalleled temple in terms of Tamil architecture. The Chola Dynasty temple is also known as "The Great Living Chola Temple" as well as one of the largest temples in India. As a fact, the temple stands next to the river and people believed that the temple was recreated by the Cholas. Since 1000 years ago, the Brihadisvara Temple was constructed in the heart of the town, and then the town built up around it.

Behind the legend of the holy place, the unrevealed miraculous fact quietly hunts. The temple is admirable because of its musical pillars, considered the tallest temple in the world that acquired 7 years to complete and measured the World first absolute granite temple where the Siva Lingam in the temple is gigantic that its 12 feet high and shockingly the world tallest mysterious designed Brihadeeswarar Temple's shadow never falls on the ground at noon as a as a fact, and so it's one and only unexplained temple in the world that do not falls its shade at noontime in any instance of the year.

Dwarkadhish Temple
Dwarkadhish Temple : The temple approximately 2,200 years aged, the devoted Hindu temple for the Lord Krishna worshiper's, the Dwarkadhish Temple is also called the Jagat Mandir for Hindu's. The temple holds up 72 pillars, landing 5 storied structured also called Nija Mandir sets in the small settlement of Dwarka in Gujarat. The temple was made out of sandstone in untouched state, imprinted the figure of dynasties, the temple owns two doorways on the north and the south and the 78.3m high temple is considered the residential location for Lord Krishna. According to the mythology, the temple was expanded in the 15th and 16th Century where people critics that the temple was built by the Lord Krishna's grand children and newly re-established as the holy pilgrimage of Hindus in India.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: Wow, unbelievable. All this history and very few of us know. Not talked about in many circles. Hopefully I will visit each one of them in my lifetime as a respect to our people past who left these for us.
These mighty structures have stood the test of times but hoping have not been neglected by the past few generations.
Posted by: Chandan - 30 Jun, 2014