The Oldest Temple in India

Alampur Nava Bhramma Temples
Alampur Nava Bhramma Temples : The Alampur Nava Bhramma Temples is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The temple lies in Alampur of Mahbubnagar district in Andhra Pradesh. The 7th century AD temple was constructed by the Badami Chalukyas rulers. The architecture of the temple signified the northern and western Indian approach. Unlike the other temples in this region, the Alampur Nava Bhramma Temples is totally contradictory in terms of architecture. The brilliant personality sculptures indeed praiseworthy where hundreds and thousands era had passed by, the temple unmoving a stands, untouchably reflects its rich architectural legacy to the nation.

Parsurameswar Temple
Parsurameswar Temple : The oldest obtainable temple in the state of Bhubaneswar, located in the East Indian city of Orissa. The temple which is considered the most remarkable image of the Orissan temple of Hindu, built in the Sailodbhava dynasty in between the 7th and 8th Century AD dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

According to the archeologist, the temple represents the trait of six armed Mahisamardini Durga. Holding sword on the upper hand pressing demon buffalo on the other, piercing the trisuhla on the neck of the demon, holds a sharp weapon, holding Khetaka where as on other side she holds a bow. The sculpture includes the feature of numerous Sakta divinities as Parsvadevatas molded on walls. According to the researched, the temple perhaps built in 650AD in Nagara Style where as the holy place holds the 10th century Orissan style of characteristics too.
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1: Wow, unbelievable. All this history and very few of us know. Not talked about in many circles. Hopefully I will visit each one of them in my lifetime as a respect to our people past who left these for us.
These mighty structures have stood the test of times but hoping have not been neglected by the past few generations.
Posted by: Chandan - 30 Jun, 2014