The Oldest Temple in India

Shore Temple
Shore Temple : The temple position like a splendid as well as sophisticated rock-cut faced towards the sea, the two-towered Shoreline. The oldest construction of stone temple put up with blocks of Granites, the 8th century AD of Pallava Dynasty temple in South India. The shore temple lies in the shore of Bay of Bengal in the district named Mahabalipuram of Tamil Nadu.

Considered the amalgamation of three place of pilgrimage, the Shore Temple compound was built on an identical stand. The temples were dedicated and brilliantly sculptured of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and on apex large sculptures of Nandi. The entire amalgam compound walls were adjoining by the sculpted skin tones of Deities akin to Yalis and Varahas.

Lingaraja Temple
Lingaraja Temple : The Lingaraj temple is devoted to Lord Shiva it's also identified as 'Lingaraj' or harihara temple. The 11th century temple holds 147 ft high was erected by Lalatendu Keshari of Somavamsi dynasty in 617-657 A.D. This wonderful temple is considered as the influential evidence to Indian structural design at its most full-grown and completely urbanized state. As time overtakes, the temple was expended and added the dance and offering halls, spread out over 25,000 sq. ft where its hundreds of supplementary place of pilgrimages are enclosed by high walls where the temples main doorway stands on the east and residual on North and South. The temple obeys the rule to construct and its philosophy of the Kalinga discipline of Architecture, erected all along the Bindu Saras Lake. The Mythology proclaimed that the Lord Shiva had created the lake to slake the desire of Parvati.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: Wow, unbelievable. All this history and very few of us know. Not talked about in many circles. Hopefully I will visit each one of them in my lifetime as a respect to our people past who left these for us.
These mighty structures have stood the test of times but hoping have not been neglected by the past few generations.
Posted by: Chandan - 30 Jun, 2014