The Oldest Temple in India

The Konark Sun Temple
The Konark Sun Temple : The UNESCO World Heritage Sites, The Seven Wonders of India by ND TV and Times of India. The black Pagoda of the 13th Century Sun Temple was created about 1250 by the king Narasimhadeva 1 of Eastern Ganga Dynasty at Konark in Odisha. The temple was built in extremely big in the form of chariot with enormously stunning way of architecture of curved stone, walls and pillars. The tombstone is considered for the deity Sun God, Surya, carried twelve harmonizing wheels of limestone. The temple was formerly built at the jaws of the Chandrabhaga waterway. The temple tagged along the customary manner of Kalinga architecture with Khondalite rocks.

Vittala Temple
Vittala Temple : The most amazing pride and joy for Hampi, the mysterious architectural character, the well built Vittala Temple has nonentity to evaluate with. Its architectural hallway, temples, gazebo within the property is spectacular. The temple for Lord Vishnu, the astonishing temple for the Lord Vishnu worshipper's, the 15th century AD built temple stands in the eastern side of the Hampi Bazaar, more or less 2 km along the waterway leads straight though the temple. It's inspiring pillared with an irresistible collection of figurine on the huge stonework on hallways pillars and the granite supremacy chariot that to be found surrounded within the campus is almost an iconic configuration of Hampi. Though the small amount of cement had subsided due to aged, the 15th century temple is at rest in quite superior conditions.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: Wow, unbelievable. All this history and very few of us know. Not talked about in many circles. Hopefully I will visit each one of them in my lifetime as a respect to our people past who left these for us.
These mighty structures have stood the test of times but hoping have not been neglected by the past few generations.
Posted by: Chandan - 30 Jun, 2014