The Twelve Fastest Trains In India

Bangalore: Which travelling experience thrills you more? Sitting in a plane and just starring at the sky or traveling by train and enjoying the views of beautiful landscapes, towns and villages wherever the train passes by. It is true that people might feel flight as the easiest mode of travelling but now even Indian Railways have come up with number of superfast trains to various destinations throughout the country. It's true that you need to pay some additional surcharges for that but you can reach your destination in a lesser time while enjoying the beauty of nature. Here is the list of some fastest trains in India.

1. New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express
Shatabdi Express trains are a chain of superfast trains in India that link Metro cities with other prominent cities for pilgrimage, tourism, or business. Shatabdi are the fastest and prestigious trains of the Indian railways.
New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express runs between New Delhi, the main railway station to Bhopal Junction, the main railway station of Bhopal City. The train is operated by the Northern Railway with the top speed of 161 km/h (100 mph). The train was introduced in 1988 and it was the very first Shatabdi train. The train runs at an average speed of 91 km/h (57 mph), excluding all the halts and touches a top speed of 152 km/h (94 mph).
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