The Twelve Fastest Trains In India

5. New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express
"The King", yes this is the name given to Howrah Rajdhani by the rail fans. It is the first fully air-conditioned train, and also the first Rajdhani train. It is considered as the most senior of all the Rajdhanis and gets the highest priority over any train.
The Howrah Rajdhani Express was first introduced in 1969 and left New Delhi station for Howrah station to cover a distance of 1,445 km in 17 hours 20 minutes. The train is considered as the 5th fastest in India, and also the first train to have a wi-fi service. It runs with an average speed of 88.21 km/hr.
6. New Delhi-Howrah Duronto Express
One of the important trains that operate between Kolkata and the national capital is the Howrah-New Delhi Duronto Express or Kolkata Duronto. This train belongs to the Eastern Zone of Indian Railways and it uses the Grand Chord route. There is no unreserved seating and no stoppages, only few technical halts for carrying food and change of pilot staff. It is one of the fastest trains on this route after Delhi Duronto and Sealdah Rajdhani followed by Howrah Rajdhani, Poorva Express & other trains on the same route. This train is fully accommodated with the latest Hybrid-LHB Coaches. It covers a distance of 1,441 kilometers in 17 hours and 10 minutes and its average speed is 87.06 km/hr.
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