The Twelve Fastest Trains In India

3. Sealdah-New Delhi Duronto
The Sealdah–New Delhi Duronto Express comes under non-stop type of express trains of Indian Railways, which connects West Bengal to the national capital, New Delhi. It was one of the first inaugurated non-stop Duronto Express train. There are no stops for this only technical halts at certain major stations. It is considered as the fastest and most time-efficient train on the Grand Chord route between these two cities. This train is followed by Bhopal Shatabdi in terms of average speed and runs at an average speed of 91.13 km/hr with an average journey time of up to 16 hrs 25 mins.
4. New Delhi-Kanpur Shatabdi Express
New Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi express also known as Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi is also on the list. As this train followed the reverse timetable of Lucknow Shatabdi, it was named as Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi. This train was introduced in 2009 and flagged off by the Union Railways minister Mamata Banerjee and UPA Chairperson Anand Patel. The reason behind introduction of this train was the excessive passenger load from Kanpur Central that in turn increased the demand of the train. The maximum distance the train covers is of 441 kms from New Delhi to Kanpur in four hours and 44 minutes. Its average speed is about 89.63 km/hr.
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