The Wonders of Stone Temples Down South

Bangalore: The beauty of temples does not lie alone in the power of the god or goddess; but there are many other things which extend beyond it. The fragrance of flowers, windy atmosphere, ignition of spirituality in oneself and to add it all; the sculptures of deities all around, adds to the experience We can take a quick tour of some of the marvelous Temples in South India where architecture speaks for the place.


The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, TamilNadu dates back to nearly four decades. The goddess present there named as Madurai Meenakshi; possessed a nose ring which guided the ships earlier. The temple boasts of magnificent sculptures of proclaimed danseuses, Rathi and Mohini along with Manmatha and Arjuna. The temple hall comprises of 985 tall rocks carved pillars and 22 musical pillars; whose resonance and melody can be felt, if you tap them hard.
Apart from the Meenakshi Shrine, you can also visit the shrines of Lord Shiva and Sundereshwar.The pyramid shaped temple has art inscribed right from the beginning, which describes various mythological events.
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