These are World's 10 Most Spectacular Highways

BANGALORE: Driving is a passion that certain people cannot resist; it becomes more adventurous when you drive through a highway with lots of twist and turns amid incomparable beautiful landscapes. As the saying goes "a good road can never make one a good driver." If you want to try out your driving skill then you must drive your car through these 10 most beautiful highways in the world.

Col De Turini
Where: France


The Col De Turini, located at more than 1 mile above the sea level in the mountain, pass in the south of France in the Alps. Every year this road is included as the part of a 20 miles rally stage of the Monty Carlo rally in the world championship, where cars can reach the top speed of over 110 mph. The scenic beauty of the road also makes it one of the most attractive and exciting roads on Earth. This road ends in Sospel, a very pleasant small town of France.
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