These are World's 10 Most Spectacular Highways

Los Caracoles Pass
Where: Andes


The Los Caracoles road passes through the mountains from the Andes on the way between Chile and Argentina. The very popular path is covered with snow for most of the year that is difficult to deal with. This road has many steep inclines, and despite of this fact, the road has a strong safety record as it is maintained pretty well. Tourist bus passes daily on the road that gives the tourists an experience of both nature's beauty and an exciting ride.

San Bernardino Pass
Where: Switzerland


The San Bernardino Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Swiss Alps at 2065 meters above the sea level. Known as a driver's dream road, San Bernardino Pass connects the Swiss towns-Misox and Hinterrhein-offers some spectacular and outstanding Alpine scenes. It has an impressive 6.6 km long tunnel. Castles and churches, gorges, dominate the road and sprawling bridges, which brings you closer to some of Switzerland's most breathtaking scenery.
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