Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes of India

Beautiful Lakes of India
Wular Lake-Jammu and Kashmir
Considered as the largest fresh water lakes in Asia, placed in the Bandipora region in Jammu and Kashmir, measures 24 kms crosswise over and encompassed with grandiose mountains, Wular Lake is one biggest Lake in India.

The green water of the Wular Lake is a vital common environment for fish and a rich populace of winged animals and natural life. A large number of individuals living on its shores in the Kashmir valley rely on upon Wular Lake for fishing to earn their livelihood. Boating, water sports and water ski have recently been launched by the Government of India, Tourism in collaboration with Kerala Tourism and J&K Tourism. The Wular Lake appears very calmly however noted for the furious winds that sometimes blow up. The deepest part of the lake is known as Mota Khon, the "Gulf of corpse".
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Posted by: Dudhwa National Park - 21 Jun, 2016
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Posted by: Johnsmith - 02 May, 2015
3: These are really beautiful lakes in India. There are many beautiful destinations to visit in incredible India however, nothing could bestow the tranquility and serenity that a natural scenic place holds. Lakes in India are amongst the well-chosen places for lending serenity and delightfulness to the soul.
Posted by: Prefertrip - 25 Feb, 2015