Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes of India

Beautiful Lakes of India
Loktak Lake- Manipur
The largest freshwater lake in northeastern, situated in the far North East outskirt underneath Nagaland, the state of Manipur is depicted as the Jewel of the East. The Well known famous Loktak Lake is called as the only floating lake in the world due to its floating phumdis (heterogeneous masses of vegetation, soil and organic matter, a series of floating islands).

Holding a perfect Illustration of an unimaginable beauty, the Loktak Lake is arranged in close nearness to Moirang locale that lies 45 km from state capital Imphal. Considered as an ancient lake, the Loktak Lake plays an important role in the economy of Manipur. On the other side, the Keibul Lamjao National Park, situated just next to the Loktak Lake is the last natural refuge of the endangered an endemic, rare Brow-antlered deer forenamed as Shanghai is found only in Manipur.
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3: These are really beautiful lakes in India. There are many beautiful destinations to visit in incredible India however, nothing could bestow the tranquility and serenity that a natural scenic place holds. Lakes in India are amongst the well-chosen places for lending serenity and delightfulness to the soul.
Posted by: Prefertrip - 25 Feb, 2015