Top 5 Most Visited Restaurants in Ooty

Restaurants in Ooty
Hotel Shri Velmurugan
The Hotel Shri Velmurugan is one place that facilitates the best of non vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies homogeneously.

The South Indian delicacies are a major foodstuff for the restaurants, the Shri Velmurugan restaurants serves the softest idli sambar, crispy uttapams and an appetizing fish curry and filter coffee.

The Local Vegetarian Restaurant, the Hotel Shri Velmurugan has its own charm where its well perform cultured made the restaurant one of the most visitors’ most visited restaurant in the town where it's appetizing food embrace a lot more personality that can grips any one at anytime.

Address: Walsham Road, Green Fields, 643001, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Cuisine: South Indian Multi cuisine on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Price: 700 for two onwards
Timings: All days of the week 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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1: There's nothing like Dumb Biryani, Dumbo. It's Dum ka Biryani.
Posted by: Mithi Chinoy - 17 Mar, 2016
2: Who wrote this rubbish? What language is it in? It's certainly not English!
Posted by: English Speaker - 10 Aug, 2014