Top 5 Most Visited Restaurants in Ooty

Restaurants in Ooty
Earl's Secret
Undeniably; the outdoor goblet restaurant "Earl’s Court" is one of the most excellent restaurants of the town. Place in the hills of the town, the Earl's Secret is no less than a treasure piece, its extraordinarily beautiful vegetations and green wilderness of the old era restaurant attract all the foodies of the town.

A classy restaurant of the town hill the "Earl's Secret" serves the standard nutritious continental meal too.

Considered little posh, the restaurant that certified as the best Excellence 2014, the restaurant it's an open clandestine, its fancy fine dining, ambience of lazy momentous opulence Earl's Secret serves continental, Mughlai and Chinese cuisine and the restaurant menu is the best menu in Ooty.

Sliced Chicken with mayo, Mutton Dumb Biryani, Xmas Pudding , Cottage Cheese with Savo and numerous more dishes are lately added in the restaurant.

Address: Havelock Road, Kings Cliff Hotel, the Nilgiris Ooty
Cuisines: Eclectic Continental and Chinese cuisines and Mughlai cuisine
Timing: 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Price: 500 for two onwards
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Reader's comments(2)
1: There's nothing like Dumb Biryani, Dumbo. It's Dum ka Biryani.
Posted by: Mithi Chinoy - 17 Mar, 2016
2: Who wrote this rubbish? What language is it in? It's certainly not English!
Posted by: English Speaker - 10 Aug, 2014