Top 5 National parks In India

Kaziranga National Park
In 19th Century, the national park was disconcerted region unite of capricious changes nature because of the self-rule voyage of the Brahmaputra tributary. To liberate the name of hounding undertone, the forest ecologist P. D. Stracey had renamed as Kaziranga National Park from Kaziranga Game Sanctuary in 1950. As time overtake, the Assam (Rinosaur) bill passed by the government of Assam and then, in a while declared as a designated national park. Today, the park is confirmed its exclusive natural surroundings and the world only park that owns two-third of the Great One Honed Rhinoceroses on the surface of the earth and renowned as UNESCO world Heritage site.

The prominent Kaziranga National Park of Assam is placed in the Nagaon and Golaghat region. The park is prominent as the most accomplishment region of Wildlife Conservation, best most protected "Tiger Reserve" areas in the world with the utmost concentration of Tigers and also entitle as an "Important Bird Life Area" by the birdlife International. Today, the park merges with lofty species of multiplicity and visibility. The biodiversity hotspot of the Eastern Himalaya’s; the Kaziranga National Park is domicile for countless wild life specifically for the water buffalo, elephants, deer and various other flora and fauna.
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