Top 5 National parks In India

Jim Corbett National Park
The Indian oldest national park the Jim Corbett National Park climbs frivolously in the Nainital district in the vicinity of the Ramnagar City, Uttarakhand. The National park is owns by the Government of Uttarakhand and was recognized as “Hailey National park” in 1936. The park was predestined to guard the Bengal Tiger which was frightened for endangered. Behind the forename of the square, the maxim story of the ecologist spin huntsman and novelist gentleman named "Jim Corbett" who took the focal accountability to begin the national park.

Though the chosen areas of the square are the only leisure region mark and authorize by the Government for the tourist, exceptionally the Corbett National park is the most prominent tourist visit National park in India. The uniqueness is it in terms of ecological or biological. The Corbett Park is bother by the traveler for a long period of indissoluble moment. Behind the humid deciduous reforest, 25 reptiles, obtain 580 different flora and fauna, with the high compactness of the forest of 488 types of plants are recorded.
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