Top 5 Restaurants in Chennai

Anna Lakshmi Restureant
Annalakshmi Restaurant
The restaurant arm of the Temple of Fine Arts, Annalakshmi, true to its name transforms the entire dining experience to that of a cultural one. Purely vegetarian, Annalakshmi offers a range of thalis (meal consisting of a selection of various dishes), different for lunch and dinner, that incorporate in them the culinary traditions of ancient North Indian and South Indian dishes. While the Mahalakshmi Preethi Bhojan is a mix of North and South Indian dishes, Kaadambari is ideal for those seeking something light and delicious and Rajyalakshmi Arogya Bhog meant for calorie watchers.

The meals out here are wholesome, extensive and simply delicious. Annalakshmi also has Jain cuisine dishes on menu, prepared as they are without onion, garlic and roots. Wash down all this wholesome deliciousness with their range of fresh juices, sherbets, milkshakes, Yogurt drinks and Vegetable juices.When you eat at Annalakshmi, expect to dine on a really simple, superbly prepared home-style vegetarian meal. The menu changes daily and what is served is determined by the many housewives who volunteer their time to come in and set the menu and cook the foods for the day. Though the primary focus is on South Indian food, there are dishes from all parts of India as the volunteers span the length and breadth of the country

Timing: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:15–9:30 pm
Address: Marshalls Rd, Egmore, Chennai
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