Top 5 Schools in Bangalore

Baldwin Boys High School
Baldwin Boys High School
Bishop and Mrs. William F. Oldham, a surveyor, started a school in their home at 4, Alexandra Street. The aim was to provide schooling for English speaking Methodist children. When the Oldhams left India for Theological studies in the USA, the school was transferred to the vestry of the Richmond Town Methodist Church and placed under the Pastor, Rev. John Edward Robinson, elected Missionary Bishop in 1904.

In the year 1880, The Methodist Episcopal School was formally opened in February on land rented along Hosur Road (part of the present campus).The Principal, Rev.Marion B. Kirk from East Ohio Conference served in all capacities at the school as house-holder, administrator, teacher, gamester and musician. After just six months, Rev. Kirk was transferred to Kolar's Orphanage and Mission.

Baldwin Boys' High School introduced the I.C.S.E. scheme of Examinations in 1970. Since then, our School has done remarkably well in this scheme. Basically, the I.C.S.E. pattern seeks to make the children understand the subject by providing an in-depth syllabus, rather than a broad-based one. It seeks to make children more receptive to the idea of using their own intellect in solving problems, understanding data, and generally allows the children to further their own knowledge on various subjects by asking relevant questions. It discourages the learning of various subjects by rote.
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