Top 5 Schools in Bangalore

Bishop Cotton Girls School
Bishop Cotton Girls School
Straddling a timeline of three centuries, since its founding by the Rev. S. T. Pettigrew in 1865, Bishop Cotton Girls School has consistently educated thousands of girl students, empowering them to evolve into women of substance. Be they doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, homemakers, scientists or corporate chiefs, the Cotton Girls are sure to make their mark.

Every granite block in cotton school sprawling campus has a story to tell: of the vision of the founding fathers and the courage and commitment of a succession of women principals who over the decades pioneered gender equality and emancipation in these hallowed portals long before such concepts became part of the collective public consciousness.

During the last few years, the school has upgraded its infrastructure, constructing new buildings with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities, a multimedia center with networked computers and educational software, an indoor swimming pool and a well-stocked library with plenty of reading room. In the course of the next few years more building will be constructed and the facilities continuously upgraded to keep pace with the quantum leaps in education.
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