Top 5 Sea Forts in India

Bangalore: The first thought that will come to our minds when we hear 'places to see in India' are temples, palaces, caves and Taj Mahal; but I have a different idea for you. Have you ever considered visiting a fort? Getting a feel into the lives of emperors trying to protect themselves from surrounding enemies can be a satisfying touristic experience especially if you are the one who loves history. Following is a list of five sea forts in India as listed by Indiamarks-



Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior King in 1664 needed to keep in check the nearby Siddis of Murud Janjira and other foreign forces and for this he selected the 'Kurte' (as this strategic island location was called then) . This is how the popular summer destination, 'Sindhudarg' was born.

The two mile long zigzagging rampart with its huge stones, forty two bastions built around it, thirty feet high wall and its twenty seven kilometer hidden main entrance which resembles a water reservoir educates a visitor on the King's need for security. Located on an islet in the Arabian sea, the fort has three water reservoirs filled throughout the year and a coconut tree extraordinary for its branch and fruits and is thus a source of attraction for tourists within the country and abroad.
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1: missing bekal and kannur in kerala
Posted by: shijin - 27 Aug, 2012
2: Though a tour lover id never considered a visit to a seafort... really i had no idea it could be this exciting
Posted by: eunice - 23 Aug, 2012