Top 7 Superfast Trains In The World

2. CRH380A: The CRH380A is a Chinese high speed train manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation, Limited. This train was replaced with CRH2 foreign technology.
CRH 380A was made with Chinese engineers and inventors, and it distinctly improved the top speed.
The fastest speed it has ever recorded was 302 miles per hour. This train is designed to operate at the speed of 380 kmph while in operation and 480 kmph while it's in testing. The train uses 25 kV AC overhead electrical system with 494 passengers capacity. The main route served is Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Hangzhou.
3. AGV ITALO: AGV Italo is the first train in the AGV Series which started its service in 2012. It has a maximum operational speed of 360kmph. The train broke a record speed of 574.8 kmph in 2007.
Considered to be the most modern train in Europe, AGV Italo was built by Alstom. The train currently runs on the Napoli - Roma - Firenze - Bologna - Milano corridor. The train complies with the European TSI interoperability standard, which includes safety, reliability and availability, health, environmental protection and technical compatibility.
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