Top 7 Superfast Trains In The World

4. SHINKANSEN E5: Shinkansen E5 is a network of high speed railways in Japan; starting with the bullet train and began operating in 1964.
Four companies under the Japan Railways Group operate the Shinkansen. It connects several cities in Japan and still expanded to more cities.
The test run of the train can reach the speed of 443 kmph. The Shinkansen are using 25,000 V AC overhead power supply. The latest version of Shinkansen E5 Series is running at the top speed of 320 kmph while it's in service. The iconic train features a unique nose, thus earning for it the nickname of the Duck-Billed Platypus.
5. TGV: The SNCF TGV Reseau, or TGV-R, was introduced in 1993 by Alstom, with the design based on the TGV Atlantique series. The train is pressure sealed to address the complaints of passengers who felt a noticeable and uncomfortable change in pressure when the old trains would enter tunnels. The train basically can run up to 380 kmph. The electric system used by this train is 25 kV AC, 1500 V DC and 3000 V DC. The train can bring 377 passengers.
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