Top 7 Superfast Trains In The World

6. ICE 3: The Intercity-Express (ICE 3) is built by Siemens Bombardier and operated by Germany's Deutsche Bahn.
To overcome the restrictions imposed on the ICE 1 and ICE 2, their successor, the ICE 3, was built to a smaller loading gauge to permit usability throughout Europe.
The train can seat a maximum of 458 passengers and runs on high-speed lines, such as Frankfurt-Cologne. Unlike their predecessors, the ICE 3 units are built not as locomotive-pulled trains but as electric multiple units with underfloor motors throughout. The operating speed of this train is 320kmph.
7. KTX SANCHEON: KTX II or KTX-Sancheon is high speed train built in South Korean by Hyundai Rotem. It is now operated by KOrail since 2009. The technology was based on the TGV/LGV train systems of France, though the South Koreans were able to improve it on its own. The train was designed and tested can run at the speed of 352.4 kmph but for safety reason the top speed of this train become 305 km/h (190 mph). The electric system by this train is 25 kV or 60 Hz AC catenary. The train serves several routes in South Korea and can bring 363 passengers.
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