Tourists Most Attracted Places in Cherrapunji

When it comes to picturesque landscapes and breathtaking natural wonders, Cherrapunji is simply magical. So, here is the compilation of top most targeted and famous place in Cherrapunji.

Living Root Bridge/ Double Decker Root Bridge Cherrapunji
Living Root Bridge/ Double Decker Root Bridge : Among the unique attraction in Cherrapunji, the Living Root Bridge or Double Decker Root Bridge is famous. Found in the far remote area on the bottom of the valley of the southern hills of Khasi and Jaintia hill, the double Decker root bridges are tangles of massive thick roots. The living bridges are formed by intermingle the roots of thriving and flourishing streams of the Indian rubber tree, Ficus elastic. The tree is exceptionally strong and can help the weight of fifty or more individuals at once. A portion of the root scaffolds are over a hundred feet long and root that used in one bridges are 18 inches broad and 6 inches thick however, the trees are fully functional when it's above ten to fifteen years. Khasi people have been trained to grow these bridges across the raised banks of streams to form a solid bridge.

Seven Sisters Fall : The seven-portioned falls descending in parallel, the well known waterfall of Cherrapunji; Seven Sisters Fall is found about 1 kilometer south of Mawsmai town in the East Khasi Hills area. The Seven Sisters Fall is likewise called as the Nohsngithiang Falls and it's one of the amazing natural wonder falls in the state of Meghalaya and has the reputation of being the fourth highest waterfalls in India. The falls only flow during the rainy season. However; the vibrant colors of the setting sun on the fall can make you hypnotize.

most photogenic waterfalls Cherrapunji
Nohkalikai Falls : The most photogenic waterfalls and the fifth most noteworthy waterfall in India, Nohkalikai Fall in Meghalaya is placed around seven km far from Cherrapunji. Holding a life-changing tragic Khasi legend, the meaning of the waterfall is "Ka Likai's Leap" in Khasi language. Being a delight for adventure lovers, Nohkalikai Falls plunges from a height of 1,100 ft uninterrupted from the highest point to the foot of the falls making it a spectacular sight. The flow of water is bountiful in summer while the flow retreats in the winter to a small stream giving the impression of a white rope against the green forest. The spot offers outdoors adventurer like trekking, scene photography, fledgling viewing, swimming and plotting and so forth.

Khoh Ramhah : An impressive single rock formation seen in the shape of a giant cone, Khoh Ramhah is spotted in the East Khasi Hills district in Sohra. Popularly known as Pillar rock or Motrop, Khoh Ramhah is an ideal spot for picnic. According to legends, Khoh Ramhah is a fossilized cone-shaped basket of an evil spirit, thus, the local called it 'basket of the giant'. The beautiful sight of Cherrapunji, Khoh Ramhah attracts incalculable number of tourists throughout the year. The ideal time to visit is during monsoons as during monsoon water flows in between the rocks.

Mawsynram : Delegated as the wettest place on earth, the town of Mawsynram is a nature lover's dream destination and the best place to observe the zeal of the rains. Arranged in East Khasi Slope area of Meghalaya, 15 km far from Cherrapunji, Mawsynram is 1400 m above ocean level. Its picturesque waterfalls and lush green lands make the place the most miraculous town. The rains are so intense in Mawsynram that the villagers use thick grass to sound-proof their huts from the deafening rain. With 11,872 mm of rainfall got every year, Mawsynram beats Cherrapunji by a thin edge.
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