UN chief commends BRICS countries for battling global warming

Abu Dhabi UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commended efforts made by the BRICS countries in fighting global warming but urged them to increase their contribution.

Ban Sunday said contributions of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to combat global warming was most important as they were on the way to transforming themselves into developed countries, Xinhua reported.

"But we expect the BRICS to increase their efforts and do more as time is against us," Ban said.

The UN chief made the remarks here at a press conference in the two-day Abu Dhabi Ascent, a pre-summit for the UN Climate Summit in New York in September.

More than 1,000 participants, including government ministers and energy experts, are gathered in here for the event.

Ban said China has been spearheading the promotion of green energy within the BRICS, especially in mega cities.

He also praised South Africa for a "good step forward" in establishing the Southern African Power Pool, a cooperation among national electricity grids of 12 countries in the southern hemisphere.

Ban stressed that efforts to stop global climate warming must be supported by all states.


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