Weird Buildings of the World

The traditional architecture of historical buildings has undoubtedly been creating an everlasting impact on generations but the marvel of contemporary architecture is no less which speaks about the imagination of people that is just not limited to innovations in science and technology. If you have a look at some of the structures across the world, you cannot stop praising the artistic talent and creativity involved in them.Some of the most weird looking and offbeat structures of the world are-
The Crooked House

weird buildings

The Crooked house is the most photographed building in Poland, nicknamed 'Crazy House'. Its construction started in the year 2003, January and by the end of the year, in December it was finished. This unique crazy house attracts tourists all over the world which also includes restaurants, shops and bars in it. The building was designed by Szotynscy Zaleski who took inspiration from the fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer and the drawings of Per Dahlberg, a Swedish artist.

Cubic Houses
weird buildings

Cubic houses are a set of houses which is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Piet Blom is the architect who came up with this innovative notion in the year 1984. The cubes are divided into three levels - lower level, middle level and top level and it contains the living areas. Earlier, such cube houses were built in Helmond also and Piet was involved in the construction of few of them.

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1: strange !!! is the only word which one will utter looking at this spectacular constructions. Yes, all these architectures are amongst the best.
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Posted by: Khalid - 02 Mar, 2016